The success of your product development depends on many factors: How well project management supports development work, how skillfully you perform product planning and technical realization, and how efficiently your experts and project team work together.

götz.projects takes all these factors into account. Our project consulting service is not limited to project management. Our project solutions target common problems of practical project execution. These can be:
At project start-up, critical decisions are required, although uncertainty exists and risks are not well contained.
During the project, customer requirements change again and again. The effect on project goals can be difficult to estimate.
Your organization must apply new, not completely developed technologies.
Distributed, often newly composed teams make communication and agreement between members difficult.
Cost targets and deadlines must be met consistently.
At the same time, it is essential to achieve a successful product, which assures your organizationís profitability and market position.

götz.projects will get your organization ready for today's high technology product and system development.